Monday, January 31, 2011

Seven Specific Prayer Points for Egypt

Due to the current turmoil in Egypt out trip has been canceled and will be rescheduled once we see things have settled down.  Our missionary contact and good friend, Dr. Sameh Sadik, sent this message.  Please pray for him and these areas he outlines.  Thank you.

Tonight: Looting has been reduced tremendously, safety is being restored into Cairo and throughout the country. I would like to request pray for 7 specific Prayer points:
  1. The most urgent need for prayer is Food Supplies due to the curfew that is now 18 hours per day. As you have seen, the protesters defy the curfew but most of the people in the country, and especially the Farmers and Food distributors and manufacturers have not been able to transport the needed supplies for the population. Many foods are being rationed especially Bread. Pray that the Food supply will be sufficient for the needs of the people.
  2. Tomorrow the Police force will be reactivated & Pray that the Escaped Prisoners will be recaptured, thus reducing the amount of Criminals in the streets.
  3. Pray for a peaceful end of the demonstrations
  4. Pray Internet Communication can be restored
  5. Pray for Wisdom to those in authority to take decisions that would consider the well being of the people in Egypt over their own benefits.
  6. Pray for a Peaceful end of the demonstrations will expedite bringing normality
  7. Pray the Church to show the Hope of Jesus Christ throughout this Crisis.