Sunday, June 30, 2013

Recap from Sunday, June 30th

To put this morning in the words of one of our church partners, 
"What a great service this morning, followed by an AWESOME fellowship meal. If you missed it, you REALLY missed it!..."

It's really is awesome to see each week what God is doing.  Honestly, I knew with everyone who told me they'd be out this week that numerically we'd be low.  Even for our fellowship meal after service I only set about 60 chairs out.   Boy, was I wrong.  Here's a quick recap:
1) I expected a low crowd, due to holiday week but even with a dozen of our people out we still had 80 people!!!  
2) Every Sunday that has a fifth week we keep all the kids in adult service and have a fellowship meal afterwards.  We call it "Family Sunday" and today I think was the best one we've ever had.
3) Two years ago there were 4 children in the church, today there were 32.  Talk about alive atmosphere.  Kids also take up the offering on Family Sunday and wow, these kids are awesome.
4) Kicked off a message series inspired by one of my favorite Pastors, Andy Stanley, as we dive into looking at things God uses to build our faith.
5) Our ladies are really bringin' it with our Millbrooke Elementary outreach.  As of now we have raised about $800 to provided school  supplies for our neighbors.
6) We did something totally different in worship and the team did an amazing job, I really thing we "moved the ball forward" in teaching worship is not about style.  Such an amazing Spirit of God this morning during service.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday, June 23rd

Reflections from Sunday

1.) Good friend of mine, Craig Johnson, spoke an amazing message on the topic and what it means to #fail.

2.) We welcomed two families into our church; we call it partnership rather than membership.  Members have rights, partners have responsibilities.  I'm in such awe of the people God is bringing to Christ Community who want to run with our simple approach, "love God, love others."

3.) Along with Craig, another good friend, Joey Berrios, came and spoke to our teens.  It was awesome to see a dozen young people hear the hope of Jesus and the plan He has for their lives.

4.) Despite the summer we are continuing to have people visit, come and come again! 

5.) We prayed for and blessed our teenagers going to youth camp this week, excited to join them.

6.) We've been without a drummer on our worship team for quite some time and within a matter of a few days we now have two that we can rotate between.  Today's worship was full and anointed. 

7.)  Church is fun again!  I think most churches can over time get stuck or lose it's ability to just.....just have fun.  I see all throughout scripture that Heave and salvation is paralleled to feast and parties and celebrations.  But somehow we tend to think only after we die.  Not me!  If it's not fun then I want out.  Christ Community is fun, filled with great loving people with more fun people coming every week.

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