Sunday, July 21, 2013

Recap from Sunday July 21st

Today was a great day at Christ Community Church.  Here are some quick thoughts from the day.

1) Seems the heat is getting to people.  While we had a solid core group there, you could tell the heat is affecting overall energies.
2)  Our worship team just gets better and better!!!  I'm so impressed with our team and their passion to lead people into the presence of God.  Just fantastic!!!

3) I shared a little about why we do what we do and why we do it that way.  We want to be a church culture that has a high level of both invitation and challenge.
4) There is a lot of excitment in the air for our upcoming Community Service event, "Wet and Wild Wednesday.  Click HERE for details.
5) We are coming to the final stretch as we have launched our much awaited kitchen renovation.  With new ministry groups such as our men and women's ministries, nursery department; this remodel is a real blessing long awaited for.
6)  This morning's message is online, we pray it's a blessing to you just as one lady in service gave a testamony this morning, "I was bound by wrong thinking and after God set me free with new way of thinking I now am able to enjoy the changes in this church and love the people God wants me too."  WOW!!!  Visit us at or click HERE for message.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Recap July 14th

Worship was amazing this morning!  Such an awesome time together and there was an anointing for healing in the place today.

1)  I love what God is doing at Christ Community!  Was so good to see everyone fill the building with a real love for each other.
2) As with anything that grows, one has to put systems and structure in place and today I got to establish three individuals over various departments at the church.  AMAZING people with a heart to serve, very excited for the future!
3) Today I shared the news about the long awaited "kitchen remodel" project that started before I came and that at the end of the month it will be finished!!!
4) Shared updated renovation happening in our nursery department.

5) Hard to imagine that end of August will just be 2 years since we became Pastors of CCC.  I'm so honored to be a small part of God's big picture plan.
6) My wife made roast beef with all the sides and home made blackberry cobbler, so I'm out!!!!

As a church we need to start building circles rather than rows.    Today's Message HERE

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Recap Sunday, July 7th

There are those moments when you stop, pause and thank God for what He has done and is doing.  Today was one of those moments.  Here are some highlights from service today.

1)  Besides the worship team, there were three people on stage today.  The reasons that's a big deal is because I'm all about some Ephesians 4:12--so I love seeing our people take ownership of ministry and challenging others to make it happen.
2) We had a great group there today despite it being a "holiday week."  As I was thanking God for today and thinking about the 75 singles, parents, children, grandparents there today; I thought, "wow, a year ago 75 was a high number for us and today it's a low number."
3) I cast vision for a fun end of the month--right before school starts neighborhood service project called, Wet and Wild Wednesday.
4) Friends bringing friends is an awesome sight to see.  It never gets old!
5) So proud of our ladies and men's ministries as they have worked so hard in providing school supplies for our neighbors next door.  If you feel impressed to help, click here>>> Support Millbrooke
6) I announced today that this week we will start demolition for our new kitchen remodel project.

Exciting things happening here at C.C.C!  Who says you've got to slow down in the summer???

We'd love to have you join what God is doing in us and though us, check us out at