Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Concerning Starting Over Post

I figured the best way to respond to every one's comments was to post this.....

Thank you all. It has been a good day. Your words of encouragement and understanding have been very helpful in easing the emotions for this new endeavor.
I believe that having faith in God to take the next step does not mean an absence of fear, faith is still trusting God to work in you even when the peace has not caught up with your steps of obedience.
I will defiantly continue to blog about these new steps and would greatly appreciate any referrals, to ministers you know, about speaking at churches or whatever. This will be our main source of income for the upcoming year while the new work is birthed.

I'll start VERY soon on giving you an update about what's going on.
There is already some good things starting to develop.



  1. I Guess .... WOW! and I totally feel your "starting over with wife and kids" is different than by yourself or even with just a wife.


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