Saturday, July 18, 2009


I admit it.
I'm terrible at blogging.

My wife Lora, is awesome at blogging. She works hard at it. Reads and leaves comments on most of the ones she follows.
It's almost a full time job.

I keep up with several blogs, and try to be faithful in reading them. Commenting is another thing.
Some of the blogs I follow post every other day or so.
Some post daily!

I admire them all.
Me? I just post when I've got something worth saying.
And to be honest that's the scary thing about wanting to plant a church.
There's a part of me that thinks; "how in the world am I gonna come up with a message every week?" Clearly there are thousands of Pastors who do it and have done it for many, many years. I've spent eight years in ministry preaching weekly. Five of those eighty speaking about three times a week.
And there is my concern. I've been guilty of information overload.

I've often said, "the way pews got their name in church is by people sitting in them and soaking and then souring----pew!"
I look at things in life and think, "what things did you hear about the first time and got it, and started doing it right then?"--Honestly, not too many.
There's got to be a different way to "do" church in a way that reflects the personality of the leader. Right? Does every church have to be the same four song line up, shake hands, offering, preach, go home, repeat a few more times schedule?
I'm not calling for a church revolution....I'm simply asking, does a person have to fit that mold to become a pastor?
Discipleship is a process. One that I personally think can be done in a different way than what has been patterned for years. One I hope to be able to articulate the closer I get to launching a new church.
When? I don't know.
Where? I don't know.
But as God gives clear direction to His will, I do know this, it will be worth blogging about.


  1. and i look forward to reading about it...dont think there is a mold and if there is, we need more people to break it.

  2. Good stuff, Vince. Maybe we put too much emphasis on one pastor sharing everything. It's healthy to have a team of leaders share their vision. Whatever you do will be awesome!

    Oh, and I'm a horrible blogger, too!

  3. One more thing, your blogs are always awesome. So maybe you're not a horrible blogger. You're just weak with follow-up??? I'm just kidding. You're the man.


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