Friday, September 4, 2009

Is it Voice mail or Voice jail?

It's been well said, "make sure your voice mail doesn't become a jail."

We live in a time where communication is easier than it's ever been. Cell phones, internet, blogs, Skype, video conferencing, text, email, social networks, the list goes on and on.
With so many ways to get in contact with people, it also means so many ways not to hear from people as well.

Phone calls still reign supreme as the best way to communicate; not only because so many methods can be linked to the cell phone, but because it's more personal hearing the persons voice. There's a level of intimacy that goes with connection on the phone.

Make sure your voice mail doesn't become a jail to those trying to get a hold of you.
As leaders we must be sharp on this issue. It doesn't mean we call back the very second we miss a call; but it does mean we don't let responding to peoples messages go days without returning them.
We're all busy. No one argues that.
But you'd be surprised what reputation you can gain by being quick to respond; or lose by keeping someone waiting in "voice jail."


  1. too true...credibility is easily lost when you dont respond. hows it going man?

  2. Can't stand to be ignored, and that's what if feels like when communication is not returned. Good post.


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