Monday, December 21, 2009

15 Years Later

I have a fun little hobby.
Making videos.

For years I've done them as a fun little addition to ministry. I can remember my first ever video edit job. I was 14, had a VHS player, Sony Handycam and a lot of time.
My youth pastor, Preston Smith, wanted a welcome video to show visitors.

The edit was "crude" at best. Hitting pause/record on the VHS player while changing out tapes that would hopefully create an overall feel of our youth group; while holding up hand-drawn pictures to "introduce" each segment.
---I cringe just thinking about it; but it did the job and it was the best we had, and it worked.

Years later, I still enjoy producing videos for ministries; hopefully the quality has improved.
I've entered several contest over the years and have done well. While the Doritos video I produced did not make it to the finals I also got wind of some contest in the Alabama area where we use to live. So we entered (hoping God would breathe on them) because the prize money, although small, would pay the rent for another month.
Sure enough, God indeed has "given daily bread."

Here they are. Enjoy!

1st Place in County Recycling

2nd Place in General Recycling


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