Friday, February 26, 2010

As Always!

So I've been working on a video for a contest for a group called AMD Alliance International.
It's been more of a difficult endeavor than I imagined; due to several factors.
It's a serious video---I thrive on slapstick and humor.
The time frame---I've only had 6 days to write, shoot, edit and promote.
The missing pieces.

I needed/wanted a doctor interview concerning AMD and I spent hours on the phone talking to people I knew in the vision field that I thought would help. That was a no.
Then I found out my mother in law had an eye exam scheduled and I would follow her and get the shots I needed, that was a no. Even after I explained there would be no shots that would risk their image, the official word was "it is highly unlikely that we will let you film in our building."

Okay, Plan B.
If I could get my hands on a doctor's white coat, I'll just stage the "interview." Let me just say, finding a Doctor willing to part with a jacket for a few hours is like asking a "rocker" to only play "classical" music. They could, but just don't want to deep down.

Grrrr...Plan C.
So I'm on my way to film the last of two shots, one of which is the "mock doctor with no coat or lab setting."
As I'm driving I had decided to stop by a doctor's office who I had called and left messages with several times; I figured I'd just drop in, ask and see. I prayed, "Lord, give me favor in this and let that Doctor say yes so I can have a lab coat to film with."
Almost there, I see an eye care center and a little voice inside said, "pull in."
I did, the lot was empty so I sat in my truck for a few moments and thought, "ok? I'm going to walk in this strangers office and ask to film them???"

As I walk in and explain my need to the receptionist the Doctor walks up and says, "I'd be happy to help."

I was looking for a lab coat to film a mock doctor interview.
I got a real doctor talking in there lab, doing the interview.
God delivers bigger than our expectations, as always, but why does it come as a surprise? I don't know. But I do know if my God can give this kid a pleasant surprise right when it's needed, then He can and will do the same for you

The finished product will be loaded later today, but I just had to give testimony to God's goodness and faithfulness.

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  1. nice. love it when life works out like that. God is good...


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