Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How It Looks Is Not The Issue

When it comes to change, that's one area we all have a hard time coping with.  No matter how much we say we like change, the truth is, when change affects us then we don't like it.

King David wanted to build God a Temple.  God said David couldn't but would allow his son, Solomon, to do so.  So David made all the preparations and plans for the place where people would gather to worship God.

Years later, Solomon, constructs the Temple.  It was awesome to say the least, but it was different from previous ways "church" was done.

Up to that point, the only "church" they had experienced was the portable tent design given by God to Moses for the original tabernacle, however it was clear that Solomon's temple was approved by the Lord.  The Lord Himself had given David the new plans, and David passed these plans on to Solomon. (1 Chronicles 28:11-19)

How much more must we remember that it's not what the church does and doesn't look like; lots of lights, smoke, coffee, loud music, organ, candles, video projector or hymnals is not the issue.  The main question should always be, "Is God's presence there?"

Where His presence is, there is fullness of joy;* joy even with the changes.

*Psalms 16:11

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  1. In my opinion, faith can't measured be measured through the manner or place of worship. As long as worship is from the heart, even a simple tent can be a place of worship, just as Moses was before.


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