Sunday, August 25, 2013

Recap from Sunday, Aug. 25th

Today at church was great!!!  Not only wonderful time together but a lot of little things happened that really just pushed today over the top.  For writing and understanding purposes I'll number the big "wins" and letter the huge details under them.

1.)  We had a total of 5 visiting families today!!!
        A.) One family returned from last weeks visit.  After speaking with several a couple people said, "we heard great things are happening here and wanted to come see."

2.) All of our ministry teams were in peek shape this morning.  The excellence and joy that filled the building today was pure electric.
       B.) I noticed a huge level of ownership in ministry today.  It wasn't just about filling a need but it was genuine joy in serving the God and others.

3.)  Church was just good fun today! People getting back into the swing of things and wanting to be together.
       C.) During the message there were a couple times where one would speak up that just caused the entire place to bust out in laughing.  I don't know how you feel about "feedback" during someone preaching, but I love it!

4.) Today was the Sunday that marks 2 years that we have been pastors of Christ Community Church and it's been amazing to get to be apart of what God is doing.  Last week and this week we have been bumping and waving at that "100" person mark and with so many visiting and being plugged in to the church; I'm excited to see that's the potential of 100 plus people loving God and loving others.
      D.)  Two years ago when I'd invite people to church their response often would be, "where is that church at?"  Today we hear people say, "we hear great things about this church."

5.)  Part 2 of Environments is up, pray you enjoy it as we dive into the whys of what we do.
     E.)  Click HERE to listen.

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