Sunday, November 2, 2008

How does Jesus think?

One of my favorite books is Think Like Jesus by George Barna.
If you like numbers and surveys, then you definitely want to pick this up.

You may remember some time ago the WWJD (what would Jesus do?) movement came out and hit the ground running. Every Christian I knew had either a shirt or a hat or a bracelet with those four magical letters on them.


Youth pastoring at the time I noticed something unbelievable. Teens would put on the WWJD gear and all the sudden start making really good choices, treating others in love, disciplining each other in the ways of God. "To good to be true," you say.....well ,yes, it was. None of that happened. In fact it was quickly replaced with the "Live Strong" Lance Armstrong movement.

But something did happen.

For a brief moment in time, WWJD did cause (at least the teens I saw) some to stop and pause for a second and sincerely ask, just for a second, what would Jesus do?

Being able to stop and hit pause is very important.

In his book, Think Like Jesus, George Barna points out the differences and similarities between three types of people. They are; The Christian with a Biblical Worldview, The Christian without a Biblical Worldview and The Lost (people who do not profess Jesus as Lord)
By definition, Biblical Worldview simply means looking at the Bible and living by the principles found in it. It's much like the "Benjamin Franklin glasses" in the movie "National Treasure"--you know, look through one series of lenses and see one thing, put another lens on and see something totally different while looking at the same thing.
Now hang with me, don't glaze over....I've got to explain so you know where I'm going.

Each group of people were asked a series of questions that reflected three areas. They were:
1.) Behavior-last 7 days. (things like; volunteer time to help the needy, smoked, viewed porn, prayed for the President)
2.) Religious activity-last 7 days. (things like; read the Bible, participated in a small group meeting, attended a church service, volunteering at church, etc.)
3.) Religious beliefs (things like, while on Earth Jesus didn't sin, the Bible is totally accurate, the Bible condemns homosexuality, the devil is real and not just a symbol of evil, etc)

Without going over every stat, let me give you the gist of the research.
Out of 30 questions between those three categories, Christians without a Biblical Worldview consistently (24 out of 30 questions) sided with the "Lost" person. In other words there was little difference in the way someone who didn't know Jesus as their Lord thought and someone who confessed Jesus as their Lord.

I bring this up because here in just a couple of days we will elect a new President. I've been shocked to find out how many people who are Christians are casting their support for someone who goes against so much of God's Word. I'm not at all questioning their salvation, that's not my point. I'm just sending out these thoughts to hopefully cause all of us to stop and hit pause for a moment.

Stop and hit pause.

What guides your view? TV? Talk radio? Internet? Gas prices? Economic issues? War?
We all have a worldview, a set of lenses that we look through and decide how to act or what to do. "What would Jesus do?" is a nice thought, but it doesn't address the issue of "why" he would do it. "How does Jesus think?" is best found out by looking at things through a Biblical lens.


  1. Found your blog by way of your wife.. and ITA with you.. we all need to stop and pray, ask God which way he would have us cast our vote and then vote the way HE leads us.. great post.

  2. This is a very thoughtful post! I believe with all the chatter we have in this world today anything that can encourage us to think about the Lord is wonderful. I think the more we have the Word in our hearts we will tend to think more like the Lord. I pray the Lord blesses you and your sweet family.

  3. Came by from Lora's...excellent post, Vince.

  4. So well said, Vince! I agree wholeheartedly. I have been so surprised to hear how some fellow believers are approaching this election...not only the selection of candidates, but where they stand on the issues.

    Our pastor said it so well on Sunday: "The major concern of a Christian should ALWAYS be moral issues. We should be concerned about political issues, but moral issues trump political issues every time."

    Well said...thank you for the post.

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