Monday, April 13, 2009

Hunting for Easter Answers

We had a great Easter today with friends and family.

I'd like to ask some questions and hear your thoughts. Your participation is greatly appreciated.
If you would at the beginning of your comment put your "church" status.

Disconnected--(use to go, rarely attend anymore)
Casual--(attend less than 10 times a year)
Attender--(attend 2 or more times a month)
Worker--(part of the ministry)
Staff--(receive a paycheck from the church)

Before I dive in with the questions, please know that I am not being rude of facetious.
I'm a "Gen X'er" right down to my very last bone, which means I have a very low tolerance for bull. I like the facts and I like the truth.
I love to take those facts and truths and create structures and methods for making ministry, churches, people and programs shine.
Below, I'll right the question, then under it give you a few of my thoughts on what causes me to ask it to begin with.

Thanks ahead of time for your feedback.

1. Are "the lost" (or disconnected) attending church on the two big holidays like they used too? If not, why is that?
Easter is one of those holidays that is typically a time people "show up" for church. The church I attend did have an increase of attendance, but no where near what I thought.

2. Was your Easter service different in anyway from a normal service? Should it be? If so, why?
If people who do not attend church show up on Easter, why do they not return next week? What are we doing to scare them off? ( I know those are more questions, again just my thoughts)

3. If I was one of the "Easter Sunday Only" attenders, what was a weird factor for me?
I say weird, but maybe disconnect factor or Christian-eese thing.

4. If Pastor came up to me and said, "what in the service should we change?" What would you say and why?
I'd think every leader would want constructive feedback, but if this is too sensitive, email me directly at

Last one
5. As a new person coming in the door, what was the biggest issue YOU think they had to overcome and why?
I have kids, so I think in terms of a young family who doesn't know child check in procedures, or where the nursery is or if there even IS a nursery. So, what do you see?

Again, if you feel like any of your comments need to be sent to me personally and not posted as a comment, feel free to email me.
And if you know of people who would be great to answer these questions, please pass it around! The more the better.



  1. Is there nothing between the attender and the worker, or am I misunderstanding what you mean by the term "worker?" Good post, but not where I'm strong at, so I have no feedback!

  2. i'll come back and answer your questions Vince. Look forward to reading the comments as well on this one.

  3. @ Brian, thanks, looking forward to your feedback.

    @Song, I know, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Sure there are those who attend everytime the doors are open and dont do anything in the church. Volunteer would have been better to say.....but there are so many different ways I could have put it, this was the best I thought to put and leave enough gaps in levels to cause thinking.
    I know this isn't your area, it's why I didn't tag you in it on facebook. ;)

  4. This was a different Easter for me. First one in 5 years I was not on staff or working it. We visited my fam in Roanoke, who go to a more traditional church than I attend. Great Pastor though who really helped me deal with some junk from a previous ministry experience. All that to say, was not at my home church...and it was a pretty different experience all together.

    Observations on yesterday...
    1. the church seemed to fuller than usual when I have attended with my parents. i would say i stood out a bit in my jeans and untucked shirt, but no one made a big deal. i was greated warmly, with hand shakes and smiles. i was not the only one in jeans, but we were the minority.

    2. They did a powerpoint of those that had passed away this the handbell choir...ok, so its just not me. About 15 songs....little too much...the message was good, gospel given...fill out the card if you want to respond.

    I am going to give up on trying to answer these in order...because some of these answer multiple questions. As far ass why people come on easter and never come back. I wonder if they come out of obligation? maybe they don't stick around because the sunday service is done up different and they are sold a product that is not the norm. Churches can not be a one stop shop bc they tend to lose focus. who are you trying to reach? what are you trying to reach them for? and with?

    i heard some really powerful stuff that happened yesterday at Mars Hill, NCC, WEC...bottom line...God is doing amazing things in areas that people are hungry or in the hearts of those that are listening it seems. just some random thoughts, responses here...enjoy

  5. Yes, good stuff. It seems you and I are in the same boat more than we know. This Easter was the first for me as well to not be on a staff in 8 years. I have been traveling and ministering, as you know, to different churches and it has been good for me.
    Again, I in no way am dissn' the church. I know for sure there are tons of churches that God is doing great and powerful things.
    I have felt for the last several months God tugging on my heart about doing a new work, and have really aimed my thinking that direction over the last couple of months.
    So I ask these questions for real feedback instead of "my own mentality" of what I think I see.
    If we move in the steps we feel God directing us, then I want to be on course of what God is doing and not out of doing something because we came out of something so negitave.
    Good comments, thanks for taking the time to type them, Brian.

  6. I am a worker. Our Easter service was a much larger crowd. We had services every hour from 8:00 until 11:00 and two on services on Saturday night. Not only were there hourly services, we had a family service, a traditional service and community worship. (Community worship is once a month for the residents of the particular city... Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville). I was sad personally that as a body we were not all connected during the Easter Celebration. We do however have too many people to fit in the sanctuary. I would say we had lots of lost attend the services.

    To answer what I wish was different, I miss alter calls. We have many lost come through our doors and while we seek to plug them into a community group, we don't plug them in without them seeking it out.

    And as a new person, I am sure you seem lost in such a large crowd. If you are not a worker or an active community group member, there is a good chance you will go unnoticed for quite some time.



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