Monday, August 27, 2012

Hero Honor Night and How To

At our church we had a special night to honor all of our Children/Nursery workers.  We had a great time as we grilled out, played games and just had fun.  Our theme for the party was "Heroes" because our workers truly are that, our heroes.  One of the nights activities consisted of nominating others who did an outstanding job.  The winners of each of the four categories received a personal trophy and $10 gift card to Chic-fil-A.

Many have asked that I give some "how to" on the awards, and as you'll see these were made from common household items, some paint and a little imagination.

Cake for Everyone!
Kids Dressed up for Fun!!!  So did some adults.
 "Hammer of Thor" Award given to the Children Coaches who are the best at keeping the peace,John and Sylvia West.  The handle is the bottom of a yard light, and the main hammer part is simply foam board, some hot glue and gold spray paint resting on a "take home" container.

The "Wonderous Job" award went to Stephanie Kellett.  These Wonder Woman wristbands represent the wonderful job  performed each week in the nursery.  A wet wipe contain cut in half and painted rest beautifully on a class base.

The "Super Supporter" award was given to, Dottie Gernon.  Superman's underwear is  kept safe and secure in this "Kryptonite" jar.

"Iron Man" trophy was awarded to, Yolanda Palmer.  She is a huge encourager, and what better way to show the "iron sharpens iron" understanding than with Iron Man himself plated in gold.....spraypaint.

Using a non-working yard lamp, I simply painted it gold.
Iron Man toy to top and perfect-O!

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