Friday, March 29, 2013

You're Not Going to Eat That....Are You???

I've often wondered, "which is more offensive: a chocolate bunny at Easter or a chocolate cross at Easter?"  Because I know Easter is not about a bunny, or eggs or all the stuff inside them it's easy for me to have fun with those things while celebrating the REAL reason for Easter.
A cross, however has special meaning to the Christian faith, it's the symbol of what our savior died on, we're told to "take up our cross" so I'd think it's not to be taken lightly or made into a causal everyday goody.

Don't get me wrong, I like chocolate and will eat it in pretty much any shape or form.  I don't believe on is "sinning" because they eat a chocolate cross anymore than a Christian hiding eggs or buying a chocolate bunny on Easter.

The truth be told, I really think the bigger issue is deciding between dark chocolate or milk chocolate.

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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  1. ha. its dark chocolate all the way...smiles...
    hey its been a long time man...good to know you are aline...smiles.

    happy easter..


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