Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Father's Eyes

In Genesis, God introduces a life principle. It's called; Every living thing reproduces after itself.

At this point of my life I have concluded that I'd rather reproduce sons rather than servants.

In my last post, I started sharing some characteristics of a Spiritual Father, mainly because I have discovered there is an overwhelming cry from us young guys looking for fathers. (Malachi 4:5-6)
I pray these thoughts, inspired by one of my Spiritual Fathers, will bring some insight on who to look for as a Spiritual Father and what to become as you raise Spiritual Sons.

Young Warriors Need Old War Horses
Every young man needs someone who has been there and done that because Fathers look at life from a different perspective. Spiritual Fathers looks for sons, instead of enemies. He looks for grandsons, instead of giants. Relationships are his greatest treasures.

1. Fathers See Potential
A. Anyone with normal perception can see who we are today.
B. Fathers have the ability to see who we can be tomorrow.
C. They can see things in us which we can’t see ourselves.

2. Fathers See Problems
A. This is what makes a father’s counsel so valuable.
B. He can’t fight our battles or kill our giants, but he can share wisdom he has learned from a thousand battles he’s won.

3. Fathers See Promises
A. They know God is a good God, and that He’s in control.
B. They’re optimistic about the future.
C. Because of their faith they’re able to inspire future generations.
D. When we place our faith in the promises of God, it gives us the confidence needed to overcome the difficulties of life.

I believe there is nothing more tragic than a youth who has already given up on life. At a time when he or she should be killing giants, they've been reduced to a life of defeat. Scripture tell us that the "young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams." (Acts 2:17)

To me the difference between a vision and a dream is much like the previews to a movie and the actual movie. Spiritual Fathers know their "movies" will be fulfilled by their grandchildren and by helping their sons piece together and work through the "previews."

There are problems in life, but life isn't a problem.
Life is a challenge waiting to be conquered.
Conquering can be achieved with Fathers in our life.

As you look for Spiritual Fathers, also pray about who you can be a Spiritual Father to.


(inspired by: Dale Yerton)


  1. Great post! And I think you're onto something big with this topic.


  2. Amazingly, as you are probably seeing, even though I feel like I don't have that "father figure" right now, that doesn't give me a pass NOT to be one to others. Over the past week, thinking some of this through, I have a few sons and a couple of daughters who are always looking to me for encouragement, challenge, and correction. I guess this comes more often the longer you know people. I just pray that my lack of having one doesn't hinder my fathering.


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