Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Hinges on the Door

In my last post, I asked the question, "what is the most important feature of a door?"
My good buddy, Steven, answered the question with some meaningful insight.

The Hinges on the door are the most important feature. That's not to say the handle or lock or even eye hole aren't important, they are. But without the hinges the other features are useless.

In relating these natural features of a door in spiritual terms the question now becomes,
"what are the spiritual principles that can help us walk through the door of destiny?"

In the Natural
Hinges not only must be attached to the door but also the frame to the building.
Hinges are held to both structures by the use of screws.
(thank you, good night, you've been great...haha....hang with me.)

In the Spiritual
Your future will hinge on your current Faithfulness and Obedience to Jesus.
The three hinges that are connected to the door of destiny and the house are;
Dedication. Distinction. Dependability.

Doors are good. Hinges are necessary. But the hinge must not only be connected to the door, it must be connected to the frame work or STRUCTURE OF THE HOUSE. In the case of the church of Jesus Christ, that would be the PURPOSE/VISION of the HOUSE!

Biblical Truth: Relationships are the screws that connect the hinges to the house.

I have discovered in my life that as I continue to connect with the body of Christ all across the country, that it has led to deeper relationships with Pastors and church leaders in many churches. These relationships have opened doors that have allowed me to take this journey of destiny with great enjoyment and revelation.
Where is the destination? I'm not sure right now. But I do know as I stay dedicated, and dependable to the relationships that God has distinctly brought in my life that He is faithful to fulfill all He has opened the door to.

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  1. Great insights, Vince! I am truly enjoying the truths you are sharing along the way. Thanks!


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